Ibasso DC01 – AKM 4493 – 2,5″ balanced USB-DAC

Ibasso DC01: AKM4493 2,5" true balanced USB-C Dac for 50 USD

Ibasso released without any previous campaing a fantastic USB-C DAC, the DC01 for around 50USD. It is built around an AKMs 32-bit 4493EQ chipset from the VELVET SOUND family.  It has a true balanced headphone amp built in, and uses dual ultra low noise LDO-s. The cable is the same as used in their earphones – 8 wire (4 pure coppre, 4 silver coated), and the socket is 2,5″ TRRS. It weighs only 11g! The 3,5″ single ended version is also in the works – it will be named DC02. A review about the DC01 is in the works.

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