Simphonio Dragon 3 – live performer


Simphonio (formerly Sunrise Audio) is not a new player in the earphone market. It is a small Chinese company founded by some engineers and audiophiles, who are experts in earphone design and tuning. Their SW Dragon and SW Dragon II earbuds were quite popular choices, and their higher end earbud from last year, the Dragon 2+ was greeted with wide acclaim. I have read Nathan’s very positive review on Headfonia about the Dragon 2+, and I got interested in it.

Checking out the Simphonio homepage I found that a new flagship is in the works. The previews on their Asian store were very enthusiastic about the Dragon 3, so I took a deep breath, pushed the trigger – ordered the Dragon 3 for the introductory price of 450 USD.  

The Dragon 3 can be purchased here:

This review will show if I am happy with that decision.


Driver: 15.8mm Dynamic Neodymium magnet
Frequency Response:20-25000 Hz
Impedance: 150Ω
Output Sound Pressure Level:108±3dB/mW
Maximum Input Power:3mW
Cable: 1.3 meter 6N OCC 8 cores
Weight: 14g

The specification is very similar to those of the Dragon 2+, but there are some key differences. Impedance has been elevated from 16 Ω  to 150Ω, and the cable is of much better quality OCC 8 cores instead of the original 6N OFC cable. Output Sound Pressure Level is slightly lower at 108dB (from 110dB of Dragon 2+).


The Dragon 3 arrived in a very elegant dark brown box, which was covered with an opalescent plastic shell. The box is wrapped in a paper ring showing front and side view photos of the Dragon 3 and specification on the back, while the company logo and product logo are printed onto the plastic cover. Really nice, elegant design.

The interior of the box is of orange color – nice contrast to the brown box, and a small reference to the Sunrise Audio roots. The earbud is contained in a light brown colored leather pouch.


The accessories are packed into a small paper box. The following things are included:

  • A 2,5” balanced (TRRS) female to 3,5” single ended (TRS) male adapter cable using the same wire as the earbud itself. The female plug is cubical, what is very nice, but not so ergonomic.
  • 1-1 pair of full and donut foam cushions
  • Plastic ring (to ensure a fixed fit in case somebody does not want to use any of the foam covers). The foam cushions are of high quality – Hiegi or Hiegi like material and thickness, and the donut foam cushion has a wide bore.

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